Sweet Distraction

The Charles Effect



"The roads to success are infinite, but all award-winning films have one fundamental starting point, a good story."

- Ted Adams

“Tell me a story and make me care” is a statement Stan Lee, one of the most celebrated storytellers of the 20th century, said to his writing protégés time and time again. “No one wants to blow up the world for no reason. What is their motivation? Make me care about the characters. We need to either love them or hate them. Either way, there should be an emotional connection.”

Based out of Virginia, the Producers and Writers at Red Zeppelin Productions have worked with some the entertainment industry’s most successful writers, producers, directors, and actors. After a long history of working with some of the most sophisticated engineering systems on the planet, Red Zeppelin Productions has combined decades of experience with razor sharp precision. 

Red Zeppelin has a unique ability to bring invaluable structure to a production that will help artists realize their true potential.