Movie Production is a process that can take several months to a few years. The roads to success are infinite, but all award winning films have one fundamental starting point, a good story.

“Tell me a story and make me care” is a statement Stan Lee, one of the most celebrated storytellers of the 20th century, say to his writing protégés over and over again. “No one wants to blow up the world for no reason. What is their motivation? Make me care about the characters. We need to either love them or hate them. Either way, there should be an emotional connection.”

The Producers and Writers at Red Zeppelin Productions have worked with some the entertainment industry’s most successful writers, producers, directors and actors. Movie sizes range from blockbusters (Avatar, The Avengers) and Emmy winning TV series (House of Cards) to award winning independent films. Combining decades of experience in the creative and productive process with the precision that comes from working with some of the most sophisticated engineering systems on the planet, our team has a unique ability to bring structure to a production project that will help the artist realize his or her full potential.